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Analytics and Consulting for Better Strategy

Location analytics for prioritization and decision making are perpetual challenges for most retail, leisure, consumer services, and industrial tenants. At SRS, we aim to provide a lens into prioritization and decision-making regarding markets, trade areas, shopping centers, industrial buildings, locations, or other attributes that enable you to achieve your strategic objectives. Our research platform uses various sources of data (purchased, proprietary, other) for analysis, visualization, and reporting.

Leveraging Big Data

SRS uses a variety of research data sets to enhance client strategy, location analytics, and decision making.  These include:

  • Demographics – population, income, gender, age, ethnicity, etc.
  • Psychographics – classification of U.S. block groups into 67 unique customer lifestyle segments
  • Consumer Spending – Data on hundreds of retail and leisure categories for historical or prospective demand
  • Business Data – Location, sales and other data points for retailer and business locations
  • Mobile/Geofence Data – Current and historical consumer traffic insight from actual cellular data
  • Market & Transaction Data – Local market information and comparable sales and lease data
  • Client Data – Customer, portfolio, financial, and other relevant unique data provided by a client for use only by that client

Transaction Support

In many cases, our clients already understand their customer characteristics, trade area definitions, consumer spending patterns, competitor/co-tenancy preferences, and site selection parameters. When clients provide their criteria and other information to SRS, we focus on light analytics with a heavy emphasis on mapping visualization and conventional reporting to support pipeline and location decisions. This level of service is part of our transaction support and is offered at no additional fee.

Location Analytics and Consulting

When customer characteristics, trade area definition, spending patterns, competitor/co-tenancy information, and site selection parameters are generally unknown by the client or need to be refreshed, SRS can deliver industry-leading analytics on a consulting project basis.

These projects utilize client proprietary customer, financial, and other data combined with SRS datasets for deep statistical analysis and modeling by our team of dedicated data analysts, steeped in experience, to answer your location intelligence questions. We help you understand revenue drivers, predict performance, and take a proactive approach to market planning and site selection.

For clients with 50 or more locations, SRS can assist with strategic expansion, portfolio optimization, and strategic marketing studies to grow and optimize the brand. In most cases, these are multi-phased studies to help clients understand customer profiles, consumer expenditure patterns, competitor and co-tenancy insight, trade area characteristics, and existing store performance to create a predictive model for decision making. The results are used to prioritize markets and develop strategic market plans and/or portfolio optimization outputs. The final phase of each study moves the analytical work to a web-based map, and decision support tools are developed to support transaction execution.

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