Tenant Services

Real Estate Services for Tenants and Occupiers

SRS Real Estate Partners has been providing real estate services for tenants and occupiers since 1986. We were founded as a retail tenant representation company and have evolved our services to meet the needs of consumer-oriented space users. We serve retailers, restaurants, entertainment & leisure, sports, fitness, health, medical services, automotive, banking and financial, grocery, specialty food and beverage, digitally native, lifestyle and luxury, and many other users where superior locations and spectacular consumer experience are key to sales and service. We even expand beyond the retail product type to focus on the industrial needs of our clients where supply chain, distribution, and last mile fulfillment are essential for integrated real estate solutions.

New Locations

SRS has a proven track record of identifying locations that meet or exceed our clients’ performance expectations. SRS is helping hundreds of clients acquire thousands of locations annually, whether via leases, purchases, or new development. We work with our clients to develop market plans, identify target sites, negotiate LOIs, prepare sites for real estate committee review, and negotiate lease terms.

Lease Renewals

SRS helps our clients negotiate better occupancy costs and lease terms through our lease renewal and restructuring service. Our experts in lease negotiation work to rent or to enhance our clients’ contractual position for improved lease agreements. We help our clients develop individual location strategies. We focus on rent reductions, blend and extends, terminations and other lease actions to deliver significant occupancy savings.

Surplus Disposition

Eliminate idle, surplus, and excess space. With a team of brokers across North America and beyond, SRS handles the disposition of excess real estate for retail and industrial clients. We employ a best-in-class property listing engine, listing syndication to third-party listing sites, and a highly curated and targeted e-marketing database to dispose of our clients’ properties quickly and with the best return possible.

Lease Administration

Reduce risk and save money through a laser focus on your lease portfolio. SRS, in a strategic alliance with Savills Lease Administration & Audit division, can help you significantly reduce costs, while potentially sparing you some expensive mistakes. We can supplement your current lease program — or completely replace it.

Analytics & Consulting

Improve strategic plans and decision making. SRS offers research and advisory consulting to help clients use geospatial analytics and conventional consulting approaches to improve network strategic planning, store performance predictability, and industrial supply chain performance.

Portfolio Optimization

Optimize location and occupancy costs in your real estate portfolio. SRS has decades of experience managing larger scale, geographically dispersed programs focused on existing portfolio management. We combine the expertise from our lease renewals, surplus disposition, and analytics and consulting services to help with a programmatic approach to optimize your portfolio performance.

Real Estate Outsourcing

Do more with less with custom solutions to augment your real estate team. SRS has been providing a variety of outsourcing services to clients for more than 20 years. SRS frequently acts as extra capacity to assist our clients with all aspects of their real estate requirements including new locations, multi-market expansion, lease renewals, surplus disposition, portfolio optimization, and lease administration. SRS helps define processes, deploy technology infrastructure, and identify key performance metrics and reporting requirements to ensure the successful execution of the client’s real estate plan by a combined team of client internal and SRS external team members.

Technology Solutions

Leverage best in class technology to manage your real estate process. SRS brings strong database and mapping implementation services to the table to provide the information necessary for the entire real estate team. Catalogue, manage and visualize your existing portfolio. Build, track, and visualize market planning targets.  Track and visualize deals in the pipeline from site identification to store opening. SRS can customize interfaces, add workflow automation, and add additional mapping layers to enable your unique solution

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