SRS provides the best relationships, reputation, resources, platform and financial rewards to help you achieve your definition of success, not ours.

Our Vision

SRS will be the best retail real estate advisor in North America and select global markets - as seen through the eyes of our clients, people, partners, and the communities where we operate. By being the best, we will create significant enterprise value for our shareholders.

A Reputation that Garners Trust

Ask anyone who knows the retail real estate industry about SRS. We believe you will hear just how much respect they have for our company and our people. Our reputation has stood the test of time and we fiercely protect it by delivering on the values and principles of the SRS Constitution. When people know you have their best interest at heart, walls come down and doors open. Imagine what that reputation could do for your business.

Guarantee of Value

If SRS has not provided value in terms of time, money, and qualitative issues while performing our duties, we will waive all or part of our fees at the reasonable discretion of our client.

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Retailer Relationships

Put simply, there is no decision maker of a major retailer, landlord, or owner that we can’t get a seat at the table with. In 2020 alone, we served more than 830 retail clients. That access translates into big opportunities, top-tier clients, and your success.

Client Experience


of the top 100


Restaurant Business Online, 2020


of the top 100


National Retail Federation, 2020


of the top 100


Total Retail, 2019


of the top 100


National Real Estate Investor, 2018

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Peer Relationships

At SRS, we are a company of entrepreneurs. Our offices are led by brokers, not professional managers, which leads to amazing mentorship opportunities. Our professionals are committed to abiding by the SRS Constitution, so you can be sure that when you join SRS, your colleagues are all held to the same values and principles. There is tremendous trust and respect among our team members that often results in enduring friendships and broader business opportunities for our people and consistently superior service across each market for our clients.

Why SRS?

It almost never fails - when a new broker joins SRS from a competitor, they cannot believe the quality of support and the amount of refined tools and technology at their disposal. Why? Because all of our resources, our training, our support staff and our leadership are 100% focused on retail and we have been for more than 35 years.

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Industry-leading platform
Powered by Esri, CoStar, and
9+ years average experience

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Legendary, award-winning brand
Speed-to-market through listing engine
Premier support and exposure

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business development

Unmatched retail relationships
Custom deal management platform
Custom CRM, powered by Salesforce
Business development library

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back office support

Dedicated IT Support
Revenue tracking and licensing support
Full-service finance and accounting

Global Platform

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  • 170+ Cities
  • 285+ Offices
  • 25,000+ Team Members

Imagine if your business could grow as your clients grow, no matter where they are headed. SRS is the largest real estate firm in North America exclusively focused on retail services and growing in select global markets. Together with our partners, we combine to create the world's fourth-largest real estate services network. This network offers a comprehensive commercial real estate services platform across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

North America

55+ Cities 90+ Offices


80 Cities 145+ Offices


35+ Cities 50+ Offices

Get to Know More About SRS

SRS offers compelling opportunities for both senior and up-and-coming brokers as well as smart and hardworking professionals interested in support roles for a rapidly growing retail real estate firm.