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Leverage Best in Class Technology to Manage your Real Estate Process

SRS brings strong database and mapping implementation services to the table to provide the information necessary for the entre real estate team. Catalogue, manage and visualize your existing portfolio. Build, track, and visualize market planning targets.  Track and visualize deals in the pipeline from site identification to store opening. SRS can customize interfaces, add workflow automation, and add additional mapping layers to enable your unique solution.

Custom Data Sharing Application

SRS builds custom, shared data applications to power the unique and critical workflows of each client’s real estate process.  Our engine of choice is Airtable, used by more than 300,000 organizations and 80% of the Fortune 100. SRS solutions are as easy to use as a spreadsheet, but they are a much more powerful relational database platform with robust reporting views, simple interfaces, and workflow automations. Our solutions are agile and provide transparency and visibility to the entire real estate team supporting a client’s real estate requirements, all in one place, anytime, anywhere. Some features include:

  • Deal management and tracking
  • Strategic markets and targets
  • Existing portfolio key data elements
  • Team member profiles and contacts
  • Simple data entry and consumption interfaces
  • Workflow automations
  • Document management
  • Extensions and APIs
  • Password role-based security
  • Encrypted data to and from servers
  • Routine encrypted backups

Data Mapping Platform

SRS enhances our custom data sharing solutions by linking them to Esri web applications for improved visualization. You can see your current portfolio, your targets, your deals, your competitors, and a myriad of other data layers all in one place. Each point has selected pop-up information from Airtable or other sources.  You can seamlessly move between Airtable and the Esri web app to manage and see your data.

Expert Client Technology Consultants

SRS has a dedicated team of highly experienced consultants focused on client technology solutions.  The team designs, develops, rolls-out, and maintains your custom solution. And if there is a need to migrate your data to your own or another provider’s solution, we are here to assist with that transition.

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