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Real Estate Outsourcing so you can do More with Less

SRS has been providing a variety of corporate services and real estate outsourcing programs to clients for more than 20 years delivering measurable and substantial results. These corporate services, utilizing strong account management, have been at the historical core of our business.

SRS frequently acts as extra capacity to assist our clients with all aspects of their real estate requirements including new locations, multi-market expansion, lease renewals, surplus disposition, portfolio optimization, and lease administration. SRS helps define processes, deploy technology infrastructure, and identify key performance metrics and reporting requirements to ensure the successful execution of the client’s real estate plan by a combined team of client internal and SRS external team members.

Program Design and Superior Account Management

SRS can advise you on an effective program design and structure to meet your real estate needs. Because SRS becomes an extension of your internal team, we focus on your business results first and then propose solutions for effective performance for the entire combined team. What are our aligned goals? What is the appropriate and accountable team structure to deliver the results? What are the best processes to deliver the requirements? What is the most effective technology for shared team collaboration? What are the best key performance indicators to monitor our success?

Strategic Planning and Advisory

SRS can evaluate your current portfolio and determine factors that drive success and mitigate risk to develop a solid strategic plan. Who are your core customers? What are the trade area characteristics of your best stores? Which markets are the highest priority? How many stores can each market support? Where are the best locations in each sub-market? What should my plan be for new growth and existing portfolio management? What new and creative strategies can we implement to drive substantial results?

Program Execution that Delivers Superior Results

SRS can provide a single-point-of-contact and a core team to drive consistency and speed across your real estate program. This team works side-by-side with, and in many cases can augment, your in-house real estate team. SRS provides dedicated transaction managers to further coordinate the deal management processes across multiple geographies and deal types. We help devise a Playbook specific to your real estate goals and internal processes so that each team member understands his or her role and can work effectively together. SRS uses best in class technology to manage your real estate process. SRS brings strong database and mapping implementation services to the table to provide the information necessary for the entre real estate team to have up-to-the-minute insight on deals in progress.

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