New Locations


New Location Services for Established & Emerging Brands

SRS was founded as a retail tenant representation company in 1986. Even though we continue to evolve our services to meet the needs of our clients, new location services for occupiers are still at our core. SRS assists established and emerging brands with new locations, whether in a single market, across the nation, or across the globe where we leverage our strategic alliance with Savills.

SRS has a proven track record of identifying locations that meet or exceed our clients’ performance expectations. SRS is helping hundreds of clients acquire thousands of locations annually, whether via leases, purchases, or new development. We work with our clients to develop market plans, identify target sites, negotiate LOIs, prepare sites for real estate committee review, and negotiate lease terms.

Further, we have expanded on our retail foundation to focus on the omnichannel and industrial needs of our clients where supply chain, distribution, and last mile fulfillment are essential for integrated real estate solutions.

Specialty Experience for Consumer Centric Brands

SRS has specialty groups focused on the unique needs of consumer-oriented space users. We serve traditional retailers, restaurants, entertainment & leisure, sports, fitness, health, medical services, automotive, banking and financial, grocery, specialty food and beverage, digitally native, lifestyle and luxury, and many other users where superior locations and spectacular consumer experience are key to sales and service.

Need to Grow Fast in Multiple Markets?

If you are looking to rapidly grow in multiple markets, we can leverage almost 40 years of refined processes and tools, as well as local market knowledge and relationships, to find the right locations at the right price. Learn more about our multi-market expansion service to help you open more doors, faster.

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