North American Development Group REIT

Leasing Services

The NNN REIT is a nationally diversified portfolio of hand selected, well-located, triplenet outparcel properties leased to proven national and regional tenants. The NNN REIT’s outparcel properties are under long-term leases to essential service, mission critical, Internet friendly, household name tenants. NADG’s niche strategy creates a competitive advantage generating value for investors beginning at acquisition. At the end of 2019, the NNN REIT completed an Asset Back Security (ABS) bond raise. As part of this process, an Investment Grade rating of “A” was received by both Standard & Poor’s and Kroll Bond Agency. Some of the largest institutions in the world are investors in the NNN REIT’s bonds: AIG, Guggenheim, Brown Brothers, Hartford insurance, Ares and Liberty Mutual to name a few. The NNN REIT is a pre-IPO offering projecting oversized returns based upon the asset risk profile.


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Justin Gregory

Vice President

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Patrick McGlinchey

Vice President

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