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Since its inception, LoLa Hospitality has grown into a collection of unique and vibrant restaurants, which include fine dining global bistro and sushi establishments LoLa 41 (Nantucket and Palm Beach) and LoLa 42 (Boston) as well as casual dining establishments LoLa Burger (Boston). LoLa stands for longitude latitude, and the number 41 represents the specific parallel that the original LoLa (Nantucket) resides on. All aspects of LoLa 41 and LoLa 42, from decor and atmosphere to culinary delights and bar libations, have been influenced by countries and regions located on the 41st parallel such as Japan, Portugal, Spain, and many more. From the LoLa Burger to the Salmon Lo Mein and signature sushi rolls, LoLa offers something for everyone. LoLa Burger is the more casual spin-off of the popular LoLa 41 and 42 concepts with an approachable menu, including handheld favorites as well as beers and wine. LoLa Hospitality looks forward to expanding into new markets in the years to come.

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Real Estate Information

Market Represented: Tampa
Size Requirement: 7,000 SF


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Tyler McRae

Senior Vice President & Market Leader

D: 813.424.2502