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Tenant Representation for Iconic Brands and Emerging Retailers

Great brands and great concepts must grow to satisfy investors and remain relevant. In today’s retail real estate environment, growing retailers are faced with challenges ranging from tough-to-penetrate markets and limited new space supply to shifts in customer profiles and trade areas. Many retailers need a presence in core urban areas requiring knowledge of what spaces are coming available before they do and insightful research to help make decisions quickly when they do. This strong competition for space has made deep landlord relationships a vital part of today’s retail store growth strategy.

Retail store locations have proven to be an important growth strategy even for online and digitally native brands, but how do you attain the space you need and stay one step ahead of shifts in the local market? SRS is helping hundreds of retailers, restaurants, and other retail space users face these challenges by strategically identifying, negotiating, and acquiring new locations, whether they are leases, purchases, or turnkey developments.

Our Cornerstone Service: Tenant Representation

Since 1986, we have represented more than 27,000 retail transactions across North America and in select global markets. Today, we represent more than 400 retailers across more than 45 different retail categories. No other retail service provider can match our tenant representation expertise. Our professionals are attuned to the marketplace and know the product availability in each market. Our relationships with landlords keep us on top of retail development, existing inventory, and upcoming retail space. Our team of experienced researchers follow demographic shifts and current and future household growth to predict future areas of opportunity.

The locations we find for our retail tenant representation clients continually exceed sales forecasts thanks to our expert brokerage team and experienced research professionals. We provide valuable deal negotiation skills that allow us to consistently close deals under asking rents. Our refined transaction management process saves clients time, gets to grand openings faster and results in better bottom lines.

Highlights of Our Retail Tenant Representation Platform

  • Industry leading research platform powered by Esri
  • Sophisticated valuation analysis and strategic location advice
  • Deep local market knowledge
  • Companywide collaboration to leverage local, regional, national, and international landlord relationships
  • Comprehensive preparation and adaptation for your real estate committee requirements
  • Second-to-none negotiation experience for better rates
  • Guarantee of Value

Digitally Native & High-End Brands

SRS has tenant representation specialists focused on the unique needs of high-end and digitally native brands as well as upscale entertainment flagships and chef-driven restaurants whether you are established or an emerging concept. These clients favor high-street, “A” mall, lifestyle, premium outlet, and design/arts district environments to help them connect with and grow their client base while staying true to brand integrity. Additionally, we facilitate the international growth of U.S. brands through our partnership with Savills.

Need to Grow Fast in Multiple Markets?

If your brand is looking to grow in multiple markets in short order, you need a partner who has a multi-market expansion platform built to help you grow fast. However, growing quickly doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind. We’re able to leverage more than 30 years of retail-only refined processes and tools as well as the local market knowledge and relationships to find the right locations at the right price. If internal capacity is an issue, we can augment your team, and if space isn’t readily available, we’re adept at managing wide-ranging build-to-suit programs. If your growth goals are aggressive, learn more about our multi-market expansion service to understand how we help you open doors faster.

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