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As a market shifts, so does the value of its land, as well as the best and highest use. Is it time to dispose of your excess land or surplus pad sites? Is build-to-suit the best option for your brand to grow, but you are struggling to find parcels that meet your needs? Perhaps you need help assembling a tract of land for a mixed-use development or an automotive dealership. You may even just be looking to acquire land in growing markets for its future value. SRS' land brokerage experts provide sophisticated research, deep market intelligence, and valuable negotiation skills to help our clients with their land acquisition and disposition needs.

SRS' Land Brokerage Platform

At SRS Real Estate Partners, it's the nature of our business to be knowledgeable about markets that are both growing and declining. Where our land brokerage platform and professionals give our clients an edge is by leveraging intricate knowledge of future development activity, local ordinances, zoning, and environmental considerations. We combine that knowledge with industry-leading research and void analysis tools to help make more informed decisions, and a powerful listing engine to give not only maximum exposure, but quality exposure to your asset. Our specialists work closely with land owners, investors, developers and retail end-users in order to acquire land that meets your needs and determine the best and highest use to maximize returns.

In just the past few years, SRS has helped our land brokerage clients acquire and dispose of more than 9,100 acres with a total transaction value of approximately $1 billion. If you are looking to acquire land, please visit our property search. We are currently marketing in excess of 1,200 acres of pad sites, parcels and land tracts.