Process & Personnel

In addition to our experienced brokerage team, the NNLG is comprised of more than fifteen seasoned staff members who perform all pre-sale valuation/underwriting, marketing, ongoing transaction management, and closing functions internally in order to ensure that the highest standards of quality in all aspects of the process are achieved.


All buyer interactions are handled by our senior brokerage team members. We clearly communicate the underlying value of our clients’ assets and personally conduct all inbound and outbound communications. Our hands-on approach is a crucial element to all of our assignments, as we feel proper communication is where the recognition of value occurs. Our approach stands in high contrast to firms who settle for emailing a sales pitch. Unlike a typical value-add execution involving a sale, our clients’ properties receive a unique, tailored approach to communicating the advantages of their asset(s), and to address potential buyer objections in order to deliver maximum pricing for the investment.


We engage our local market brokerage experts in more than 75% of our listings and incorporate their market knowledge into our pricing and strategy. The local expert handles property tours, leasing and market rent underwriting. They also coordinate buyer interviews and conduct due diligence to provide knowledge about the local market, tenant demand, leasing activity, rates, terms, and TIs.


Our group uses custom-designed software specifically tailored to our clients that allow SRS personnel and our marketing team to securely deliver and track all documents for each individual asset. Within this software, we are able to give our team, our client, and their associates the ability to monitor buyer interest and activity through an array of data tracking tools.


Along with generating multiple, competitive offers, our group will thoroughly inspect each buyer’s qualifications through a process that includes:

Request for proof of funds: Our group will require that all buyers provide proof of equity to complete the transaction.

Interview(s) with buyer’s financing sources: While a cash buyer is possible, most buyers/investors will seek to finance the acquisition. After consideration, we will engage the lender(s) prior to accepting the offer and conduct an extensive lender interview to ensure that the loan process can be completed in a timely manner without additional cost or complications that will affect the transaction.

Buyer interview: We will require an interview and presentation with qualified buyers to determine their sincerity and to understand their process. We will also request a buyer biography and a current inventory of their real estate.