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Delivering Value at Every Angle of Franchise M&A

SRS Real Estate Partners’ franchise M&A specialists are experts in sell-side M&A representation, including both business and real estate transactions. Serving franchisees, franchisors, landlords,
restaurant developers, and private equity investors, these specialists are uniquely qualified professionals with collective experience that covers every angle of franchise M&A deals, with particularly deep knowledge of the restaurant sector.


Our franchise M&A specialists bring a unique blend of skills and experience to those considering divesting a franchise portfolio. Combining expertise in real estate and accounting with internal franchisor M&A experience, they are backed by the deep local market and tenant knowledge of SRS Real Estate Partners and the net lease transactional expertise of SRS’ National Net Lease Group, a leading net lease real estate brokerage team. This broad expertise in the focused niche of franchise M&A combined with SRS’ platform, makes our franchise M&A specialists uniquely qualified to add value and achieve investor objectives in every franchise M&A scenario.

Our Process

Valuation and Analysis

Prior to engaging in total asset and sale leaseback strategies, we analyze companies through multiple methods including, but not limited to, income and asset-based approach, EBITDA adjustments, and multiples analysis. Furthermore, we carefully analyze enterprise and brand value to solidify an accurate valuation, particularly when asymmetrical capital structures and gearing ratios are involved.

Dark and Vacant Store Sales

With SRS’ vertically integrated platform, we are ideally positioned to execute the sale of dark and vacant stores. Our direct collaboration with SRS’ leasing teams throughout the country ensures that investors can maximize their returns by simultaneously marketing properties both for sale and for lease, followed by a disposition that will allow the investor to capitalize on future income.

Structuring new and restructuring existing leases

We have an extensive track record in structuring new leases for portfolio sale-leasebacks and  restructuring existing leases for early extensions prior to disposition to maximize returns for our clients. Thanks to our collaboration with SRS’ tenant representation teams across the country, we can execute lease buyouts of dark stores, while simultaneously re-tenanting with a superior tenant.

Tenant Representation

SRS’ tenant representation teams have represented 83 of the top 100 restaurant chains and 71 of the top 100 retailers. This depth of direct tenant relationships allows us to quickly back-fill vacancies and minimize any revenue loss.

national net lease group

Franchise M&A Team