Women of Influence

There are nearly 300 profiles of smart, accomplished and high-achieving women in commercial real estate on the following pages. And those are just the ones we selected. We received far more applications for the nominations, and as we do every year, we had to go through the painful process of selecting the winning candidates. We say painful, because it is: nearly all of these applications could have made the cut and choosing one over the other were difficult decisions. We hope you enjoy their stories of accomplishments as much as we did.

BRITT RAYMOND During a period of market turbulence in the past 12 months, Britt Raymond has managed to increase her transaction volume. The VP of SRS Real Estate Partners, Raymond helped National Net Lease Group achieve its best year in 2021, with more than $250 million in deal volume, including a $60 million Sherwin Williams distribution facility in Illinois and $15 million portfolio of urgent-care facilities in New York. Raymond has led the firm’s Manhattan office growth since 2017, and she continues to succeed in her role due to her ability to focus on sectors that have inherent value with essential businesses. She additionally successfully advises clients on how to take advantage of a downturn and a bull run in the market, and she proactively lists the right assets at the right time. Raymond had the foresight to expand her expertise in the medical sector in previous years, which has proven to be a space where prices have increased.