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Getting a New Perspective: How the SRS Southeast Investment Sales Team is Using Drones to Market Properties

Drones are certainly a buzz-worthy topic these days as they become more and more mainstream. Who wouldn’t want to play with the ultimate big kid toy, after all? But when our Southeast Investment Sales team got wind of this trend, they saw an opportunity to bring a new perspective to the properties they represent.

“We had been looking into a drone for a year or so and really saw their use ramping up in the past three or four months,” said Pierce Mayson, vice president in SRS’ Atlanta office. “Finally, we decided that it was an opportunity to set ourselves apart. We pride ourselves on creating quality marketing pieces and videos were the next natural step.”

Southeast Investment Sales DroneThe team isn’t just flying the drone around for scenery, though. They are using it as a tool to evaluate investment sale properties. Typically, investment sale properties of a certain size will require expensive custom aerial photography. A drone can fly above the property to get a birds-eye view of the buildings, surrounding area and nearest intersection, ultimately saving the team and the client money. They are also able to see things that might be missing from some older reports, such as roof conditions, or number of air conditioning units.

One thing that sets the Investment Sales teams’ videos apart from others is the added elements they can provide. They aren’t just showing prospective buyers the property, they are giving them a full picture of the area, including major employers, retailers, and traffic counts. For an example of just how well the Southeast Investment Sales team can showcase a property, check out their latest video created for a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Anderson, South Carolina.

To get in touch with the Southeast Investment Sales team, please contact Kyle Stonis, or Pierce Mayson, and be on the lookout for their next video!