Case Study

Barnhart Guess Property Lands Targeted Lessee

Case Study

Property with specific requirements and restrictions needed laser-focused marketing

Extensive due diligence and marketing lead to targeted lessee

Barnhart Guess Properties owned an outparcel and building that had been on the market for multiple years. The property was unique in that a 5,600 sqare foot building was situated on 3 acres and the property needed to be ground leased rather than sold.

SRS performed extensive due diligence to determine exactly which retail business service would work with existing tenants, as the property needed to be back-filled with a suitable user situated on partially unusable acreage. SRS was also able to negotiate a ground lease with a suitable tenant, Kauffman Tire Center, with economics necessary to make the deal a reality for both Barnhart Guess and Kauffman Tire. Kauffman Tire’s financial position is allowing them to demolish the old building and construct a new, larger 6,800 square foot building.

Services Provided

  • Due diligence and research to determine complimentary tenant
  • Ground lease negotiations


  • Ground lease to Kauffman Tire Center
  • Kauffman Tire to demolish old building and construct new 6,800 square foot building