Tenant Representation Services in Orlando

Project NARU started in 2012 with the work of a sushi chef and a friend who was fascinated by oriental cuisine. 
The working principle of NARU chain is excellence in service and in dish innovation. NARU is like a tree with the roots firm in the ground, but with branches pointing up towards innovation and creativity. 
The word NARU 生る, in Japanese means sprouting, growing, blooming. For them, NARU has the meaning of becoming なる. 
NARU chain is thus born with the spirit of transformation, innovation, creativity. The NARU team has the best professionals prepared to provide you with good service. 
Their sushi chefs are constantly being trained to serve all of their clients, from those who prefer the traditional sushi and sashimi, all the way to those who fancy a creative sushi. In any NARU restaurant, you may choose between sitting at a table or at the sushi bar. 

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Real Estate Information

Market Represented: Orlando
Size Requirement: 2,500 -3,000 SF


Adam Gerry

First Vice President

D: 407.284.6686