Teriyaki Madness

Tenant Representation Services in Southern California

In 2003, Rod, Eric, and Alan decided to leave the rainy Northwest and head to Las Vegas, the land of sunshine, fast times and great food. Friends and family told them they were crazy to try a new restaurant concept in another city; they told them it was madness!
But the three Vegas-bound boys knew their secret recipe, that had proven itself for years in the teriyaki houses in Seattle, would be a mad success. And they knew that if they could make it in Vegas, with its celebrity chefs and gourmet food, they could make it anywhere. Not to mention, it was Vegas!
And so, Teriyaki Madness was born! The first restaurant opened to long lines that stretched around the block. Word spread quickly that the food was delicious, big enough to fill any appetite, healthy, and full of bold flavors. Soon, the beautiful people of Las Vegas were flocking to the new restaurant. And the boys from the Northwest were quickly on their way to success!

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Real Estate Information

Market Represented: Southern California
Size Requirement: 1,200 – 2,000 SF


Zach Leffers


D: 949.270.8203

CA Lic. #: 02033672

Chris Kehl

Vice President

D: 949.270.8235

CA Lic. #: 01880427